Use of Polished Wool Balls

- Jun 07, 2019-

First of all, it is mainly used for polishing and polishing the surface of glass products, medical equipment, jewelry, precious metals, car cosmetology, fine instruments, cutting tools, etc. The functions and advantages of polished wool ball series are as follows:

 (1) polished wool ball can be used as an independent polishing material. 

 (2) 3M polishing wool ball series matches most of the electric and pneumatic polishing machines on the market.

  (3) Easy to use and replace.

  (4) Polished wool ball and polishing fluid (powder, paste) together on the polished surface has a very good polishing effect. The production technology is leading in the world. 

The imported Austrian Cortex with first-class high quality material selection is very soft and elastic. Pure natural wool has the advantage of no hair removal in polishing treatment. It is a pure natural environmental protection material. It can also polish the traces of the previous process. Polished wool ball can be washed and repeated operation, which can reduce production costs and save economy.