Viscose fiber properties

- Jul 12, 2018-

The advantages of viscose fiber are: good moisture absorption and dehumid performance, good air permeability, good softness, comfortable wear, good dyeing performance, high stability for the light, heat and chemical reagents, not taking off the ball, not easy to start the static electricity, and not easy to stain, no cotton dust problem in cotton processing; the waste can be degraded naturally and conforms to the environment. And sustainable development. Viscose fiber also has some shortcomings, such as wet fastness only half of dry fastness, low fatigue strength, no wear resistance, poor crease resistance, high water swelling and poor dimensional stability, high water retention rate, long drying time and low anti moth prevention ability. In short, viscose fiber and cotton fiber have the same chemical composition (cellulose), so their properties are very similar. The main performance indexes of viscose fiber are listed below for reference only.