Wall hung balcony vegetable basin

- Oct 18, 2019-


When it comes to planting vegetables on the balcony, I think my friends * think of the potted plants on the balcony. In fact, in addition to the potted flowers on the balcony, there is a more fashionable trend now - the wall hanging type potted plants on the balcony. The exuberance of organic vegetables blew a wind of planting vegetables on the balcony. In fact, planting vegetables on the balcony can not only beautify the balcony of the house, but also let you grow vegetables by yourself and eat fresh and green organic vegetables. It's a small private farm. It's like killing two birds with one stone.

Wall hanging type balcony vegetable basin, because the balcony area of the common building is larger, the wall hanging basin can be hung on the outside of the balcony, and does not occupy the balcony space. There are also many specifications of plant bags, which can be determined according to the length of the balcony. Hanging on the front of the balcony, you can plant low or creeping one or two-year flowers, such as Petunia, half lotus, beauty cherry, goldfish grass, cockscomb, Impatiens, etc. On both sides of the balcony, some climbing rattan plants can be planted, such as red flower, laidou, arrowroot, goldenrod, bamboo, etc., with bamboo pole, iron wire or fine hemp rope as the lead, so that these flowers can wrap around them, not only beautifying the environment, but also covering the hot summer sun, giving people shade.