Washing of felt in Greenhouse

- Jul 23, 2019-

Greenhouse felt is very common, such as construction workers commonly used engineering cold felt. There is also the greenhouse felt that is often laid to see farmers grow their fields. The felt is the most practical in many industries. Newly bought furniture also needs to be packed with felt. Today, the authoritative edition of felt maintenance in Shandong Highway tells you how to clean the felt.


Clean with cold water.

Felt products should not be bleached.

Choose a neutral lotion marked with pure wool and without bleaching agent.

Hand wash alone? Do not use washing machine? In order to avoid damage to the shape.

When cleaning, gently press the hands? Only gently scrub the dirty parts? Never brush them.

Washing with shampoo and silk moisturizer can reduce the phenomenon of pilling.

After cleaning, hang it in the ventilation and air it naturally.