What are the characteristics of felt made of different fabrics?

- Feb 28, 2019-

Felts can be used in winter to keep warm, moisturize and prevent cold, while the manufacturer of felts will use different materials according to needs.


There is a kind of felt made of Oxford cloth. The product is made of Oxford cloth on both sides, with a single layer of cold-proof felt in the middle and a waterproof film. In terms of its thermal insulation coefficient, it is - 30 degrees outdoors and 6 degrees indoors. Oxford cloth has the characteristics of anti-aging, radiation resistance, cold felt with woven bags, pull-resistant, rain-proof, soft texture, green products. Then there is a kind of nylon fabric, the product uses nylon cloth on both sides, a single layer of cold felt in the middle, a layer of waterproof film, with waterproof and air-tight characteristics. Its thermal insulation coefficient is generally - 30 degrees outside and 12 degrees indoor. It also has the characteristics of strong pulling force, aging resistance, wear resistance and long service life.

Felt is a special equipment for road construction, infrastructure construction, bridge construction, concrete facilities and other facilities requiring thermal insulation and freezing protection, which has gradually been recognized by the engineering thermal insulation market.