What are the specifications of felt ring?

- Sep 28, 2018-

The size of felt rings is generally 5mm--12mm. Felt can play a sealing role, but it can not mean that it is a sealing ring. The use of felt is extensive.


Felt use:

1, elastic, can be used as shock proof, sealing, liner, and elastic wire clothing felt material.

2. Felt has the characteristics of stable structure and not easy to loose. It can be punched and made into various shapes.

3, heat insulation, sound insulation performance is good, can be used as heat insulation sound insulation materials;

4, felt is compact, small pores, thickness is not restricted, can be used as a good filter material;

5. It has good wear resistance and can be used as polishing material.

Products are widely used in machinery, electrical and mechanical, chemical, cement, metallurgy, oil and other industries.