What is industrial felt? What is the use of industrial felt?

- Dec 06, 2017-

The use of industrial felt in life can be seen everywhere in many equipment products have its shadow, but many small partners do not know its value, Xiao Bian today we talk about it in detail.

What are industrial felts: The felting properties made primarily from wool are machined and bonded (not latticed).

Industrial felt features: 1. Elastic, can be used as a shockproof, sealed, padded and elastic wire cloth backing felt material; 2. Good adhesion, not loose, can be punched into various shapes of parts; . Insulation performance is better, can be used as thermal insulation materials; 4. Tightly organized, small pores, can be used as a good filter material; 5. Abrasion is better, can be used as polished material

1, the density of the felt unit (g / cubic centimeter). If the density is too high, it loses its elasticity. If the density is too small, it will lose its abrasion resistance. Thickness, the thickness of the wool also have different effects on their performance, the use of units according to the use of appropriate selection or use, so as not to affect the use of

2, the current variety of felt points: special products blankets, ordinary blankets. The difference is divided by the thickness of the hair, the size of the density and the color difference; technical requirements are based on whether there is strength, elongation, the role of capillary division, the use of units can be selected according to need. Inspection, you can test this standard.

Industrial Felt Uses: Industrial Felt Uses built-in materials that can be used in appliances, such as tape recorders, computers, cameras, microwave ovens, and air conditioners. It is used in machinery for motor equipment, gas masks, freezing machines and semiconductors. Not only that, but also in the automotive and sports equipment, stationery and other fields also widely used it. Is very important material.

Industrial felt prices: The price of industrial felt has a certain relationship with the composition, and now the market price of 4 yuan / square ~ 120 yuan / square ranging from one square meter weight between 150-4000g, you can also buy through the weighing to buy