What is the difference between imported wool felt and domestic wool felt?

- Sep 28, 2018-

What is the difference between imported wool felt and domestic wool felt? Basically, there is no difference. The biggest difference is the difference in style.


The difference between imported wool felt and domestic wool felt is:

1. The base cloth of imported felt belt is compounded by high density polyester-cotton fabric after dipping. It has high strength, low ductility, tensile resistance and certain toughness of wear resistance. The base cloth of felt belt produced in China is the base cloth of abrasive belt. Although it has a certain strength, the base cloth of abrasive belt has poor toughness, large turning radius and poor adhesion with steel rollers. After a period of use, the back of abrasive belt base cloth is easy to be rubbed into a smooth mirror by interval, and the adhesion with steel rollers is getting smaller and smaller. We will often see the phenomenon of slipping, which will affect normal use.

2. The thickness, flatness, density uniformity, tensile strength and wear resistance of domestic felt tape are different from those of imported felt.

3. the domestic felt belt is bonded with ordinary three chloroprene rubber. The chloroprene adhesive is triphenyl solvent chloroprene adhesive, which contains a lot of harmful substances and pollution of the environment, besides its poor heat resistance, so the heat generated by the tape in operation, easy to make the adhesive felt loose, separation, thus greatly reducing the service life of the tape.

The traditional felt design is to cut all kinds of felt into various shapes and then wear them into another shape. In fact, the specific application of felt in clothing and apparel products should be in-depth understanding of its characteristics under the premise of excavating its deep-seated application. Wool has both soft and tough properties, fiber elasticity is good, feel comfortable, and has a good reduction, so wool felt products folded, can quickly restore the original state, not easy to deformation.