What Is The Difference Between Wool Felt And Chemical Fiber Mat?

- Sep 05, 2018-

Pure felt is made of pure wool by bonding; chemical fiber felt by the wool and chemical fiber products are mixed together. Felt material is pure natural wool, the most direct way to identify that is, from the felt on the rub some wool, with the fire point, wool wool in the process of burning smoke and accompanied by blistering state, burning incense burning hair taste. After burning the ashes for the black crisp block, no coke. 

From the appearance of investigation, pure felt feel soft, flexible, fine lines have rules. Relatively speaking, chemical fiber felt is made of wool and chemical fiber mixture, the price is lower than the pure felt. Its performance on both pure blanket insulation, soft and so on. Chemical fiber felt can also use the taste of incineration and ashes to distinguish the proportion of its material, from the touch can not afford to distinguish static electricity for the top grade.