What wheels to choose for polishing

- Jun 11, 2019-

When polishing, the choice of wheel depends on the fiber thickness, softness, hardness, elasticity and manipulation of the material used.

Sponge wheel has the advantages of flexible operation, low price, washable, slight scratch on the paint surface, but its shortcomings are also obvious. Its durability is poor, it needs to be replaced frequently, its cutting force is poor, and it takes a long time.

Long wool wheels in wool wheels are not recommended, because long wool wheels not only have poor cutting force, but also have large blocking force, which takes a long time and causes serious scratches on the paint surface.

Nowadays, super polishing wool wheels are popular in the market. Substituted sheep wool is selected. The fibers are fine, soft and hard, with good elasticity, unique wool spinning method, wax is not easy to splash, and waste and pollution are reduced. The effect of grinding and polishing is excellent, which is different from the general wool wheel on the market.

Planar wool wheels are used on large machines with specifications of 100, 125.... Etc., thickness of 1-60MM, fast speed and polishing finish, which can save time. Planar wool wheels are made of pure wool, with or without glue. Covered wool wheels are used on angular mills with specifications of 80, 85 and other specifications. Thickness is generally divided into 6-12MM.