When buying wool felt what matters need attention

- Dec 19, 2017-

We learn today in the selection of felt is what matters to note? First, the unit weight of the felt (grams per cubic centimeter) is too large, it will lose its elasticity, and if the unit volume is too small, it will lose its abrasion resistance. Thickness, thickness of hair and so on all have an impact on the performance, the use of units according to the appropriate use of the appropriate selection, procurement is best to inform the use of the product, so as not to affect the production and use. Second, the current varieties of felt sub-specialty felt, general felt. The difference between varieties according to the thickness of raw materials, the size of the unit volume (ie, the density of tight loose) and the distinction between color and to divide: the technical requirements of the difference, there is no strength, elongation, capillary action to the division unit can be used as needed Choose from. Inspection, you can test this standard. Third, the description of the type of felt Description Felt as long as the order of the Department of the standard classification of the number of the number of their own needs, while the thickness, length, width and other specifications can be, if you need to dyed at the same time put forward the color requirements.