Where is the largest number of wool felt in industry?

- Sep 26, 2018-

  Felt is made of wool and processed by adhesion. It is elastic and can be used as shock proof, sealing, liner and elastic wire clothing. It has good adhesion and is not easy to loose. It can be punched and made into various parts. It can be used as heat insulation material with compact structure and small porosity, and can be used as a good filter material. Good abrasion resistance. It can be used as polishing material. It is elastic, so it is bonded by the principle of shrinkage. It can be used separately after density and size. Because the density of felt is compact and the performance is stable, all kinds of felt parts can be stamped. The felt has good flexibility and can reach the required length, such as leather rolling belt and paper pulping belt. The felt has good thermal insulation and can be made into a size felt mat. Felt has moisture retention and elasticity, and can be made into automobile door and window seals, central doors and windows seals. It does not use the warp knitting, so it can be used to absorb oil, the bottom of the tanker oil drum mostly used felt to keep the ship clean. The machine parts packed with felt have high whiteness, good shock-proof performance, and can be adjusted according to the size of felt. According to the fact that the phosphor sheets of their own wool are intersecting and glued together。