The woolen felt wall is not affected by the seasonal climate

- Jun 14, 2018-

Wool felt plant wall is made of polyester chemical fiber material, super strong resistance to sun, anti aging, durable, without cutting roots before transplantation, without cutting branches and leaves, high survival rate of trees, beautiful modeling. It is especially advantageous for trees that are not easy to transplant and have obstacles, such as bamboo, ginkgo, cherry, camphor tree and maple. Transplants all year round are not affected by seasonal climate, and the time for transplantation is prolonged. The beauty planting bag has excellent water quality. It can make water and nutrients free to penetrate and will not rot roots. The process can be directly transplanted from small seedlings to bags without transplant, soil replacement, potting device and tree planting. The roots are not easy to encircling, the main root grows in the bag, and the fine roots can pass through the side to absorb water and nutrients. American planting bags have many advantages for large area soil transformation, barren hills, wasteland, barren slopes, etc.

grow bag 2.jpg