Wool Felt Ball

- Oct 31, 2018-

Wool Felt Ball - Natural and Soft Material to be used as Decorations


Wool felt ball is widely accepted all over the world. Why it is so popular with people especially those who like DIY.

Compared with wool dryer balls, the wool felt balls have small diameter sizes and the Wool felt ball can be manufactured from 100% wool or 100% rayon, which is natural and non-toxic..

Wool felt ball is different from wool dryer balls.

  • Wool felt ball has smaller diameter size and the wool dryer balls have larger diameter sizes. Wool felt ball is mainly used for decorations and DIY materials. The wool dryer balls are mainly used in the washing machines to speed up clothes drying and reduce wrinkles.

  • Wool felt ball has various colors for choice. The various colors make it easy to suit more applications. Different colors of wool felt ball can be combined to form various crafts and decorations.