wool felt ball Features

- Oct 31, 2018-

Wool felt  ball Features:

  • Natural. The material of wool felt ball is 100% natural wool, which is non-toxic. When it is made into jewelries, it will not cause allergy.

  • Soft. The wool felt ball is soft and no sharp edge, which can be hurt people's skin.

  • Various colors. The wool felt ball has so many colors, which cannot be listed, you can find the perfect one from here.

  • Multi-application. Wool felt ball has so many applications, such as bracelet, necklace, Christmas trees and other decorations.

  • Customized. If you can't find your favorite colors or design, just tell us, we will customize according to your requirements.

  • Dyed with non-toxic colorfast dyes. It can remain bright and long lasting colors.

wool decoration ball 2