Wool felt bob

- Nov 01, 2018-

 Wool felt bob is a type of polishing wool felt, which is mandrel mounted. Manufactured from 100% pressed wool felt, wool felt bob has outstanding wear resistance character. The mandrel shank is made of high quality precision steel, which has the diameter of 3/32ʺ, 1/8ʺ and 1/4ʺ.

The wool felt bobs have two different types: cylindrical felt bobs and shaped felt bobs. Different shapes of wool felt bobs can suit more applications and polish more precise.

The diameter size ranges from 1/8ʺ up to 3ʺ and available in soft, medium, hard and rock hard densities.

The wool felt bob owns small body which can be used for precision polishing. It is suitable for eliminating scratch on the glasses, ceramic and other products.