Wool Felt grow bag

- May 14, 2018-

Wool Felt grow bag

      Use grow bags to cultivate all kinds of seedling products, low cost, high efficiency, strong and durable, strong permeability, saving water source, moisturizing and protecting fertilizer, good heat preservation, making the trees grow green; not affected by seasonal climate (especially drought in the north Planting in the desert and desert areas has a higher survival rate than that in the normal environment, and the effect is even more pronounced. At the same time, the transplanted roots of the seedling products are completely transplanted and the survival rate of transplants is guaranteed to be high, which can achieve the advantages of the expected growth of seedlings!

      Specifications: 80*60cm;90*70cm;70*50cm;60*55cm;45*35cm;55*45cm,etc

      The price range is generally between 3 and 15 yuan.

      The tree planting bag specifications are selected as follows:

      1: Consider the height of the tree and the depth of the root.

      2: Consider the size of the earth ball: the general earth ball below 70CM chooses the caliber 5CM to 10CM larger than the soil ball, earthball 75CM above, choose the caliber to be 10-20CM more than earth ball bag.

      3: Considered from the DBH: seedling DBH: 3CM container diameter: 20-30CM; seedling DBH: 3-5CM container diameter: 35-40CM; seedling DBH: 6-8CM container diameter: 45-50CM; seedling DBH: 9-10CM container diameter: 55-60CM; seedlings DBH: 11-12CM container diameter: 65-80CM; seedlings DBH: 13-15CM container diameter: 90-110CM;