Wool Felt Insoles

- Apr 09, 2018-

Wool Felt Insoles

     Felt insoles commonly known as wool felt insoles, felt insoles made of wool felt punching, felt insoles also have a wear-resistant and good thermal performance.

     The felt is made of natural wool, and it is machine-bonded using the fleece properties of wool (non-latitude weaving)

The main features are as follows

     Flexible, good adhesive properties, not easy to loose, good insulation properties, heat insulation materials, tight organization, small pores, filterable, good abrasion resistance, elasticity, compact and stable performance of felt, felt stretching Better performance, good warmth felt, can be made into a specification of felt insoles.

     Wool felt insoles are essential for home shoes, ideal for deodorant warmth. In particular, the elderly, children in the winter * cold, with felt insoles are not afraid of frozen feet. It's warm all winter. This product is wear-resistant, durable and lint-free.

     Good warmth