wool felt painting

- Mar 12, 2019-

The wool felt made by Mongolian traditional technology, combined with the ironing process, burned yellow marks on the wool felt to form a picture. Hanging indoors not only reflects the unique national customs, but also conforms to the pursuit of "environmental protection, health and nature" of modern people. Felt painting is a favorite work of art of the Mongolian people. As early as the Mongolian people still lived in the Mongolian yurt era, felt painting was hanging in the yurt. Now, felt painting is no longer only the exclusive product of the Mongolian people, it has been accompanied by its exquisite workmanship, into many people's families, because it is not vulgar, because it is exquisite.


This product is wool felt painting. The felt painting is made of felt cloth on the bottom. The picture is made of ironing pen. It does not fade and is easy to preserve. It is recommended for decoration of household decoration. It first appeared in the late Western Han Dynasty in ancient China, flourished in the Eastern Han Dynasty, and was ordered to offer tribute to the emperor. It is also a high-level gift given to each other by high-ranking officials and dignitaries. Up to now, it is also one of the gifts given to international friends by national leaders.