Wool felt polishing wheel has great scratch removal ability

- May 31, 2019-

The characteristics of the polishing wheel of wool felt are not possessed by every kind of product. For example, if the density of the strong felt wheel is too high, it will lose elasticity, if the density is too small, it will lose wear resistance. The length and thickness of the wool have an effect on the characteristics. It can be ordered according to the practical application. It is the best material for polishing wood, jewelry, glass, precision instruments, stainless steel crafts and stainless steel plates. This product is widely used in fine polishing of stainless steel, copper, aluminum and other metals, glass, furniture, ceramics, marble and other non-metals.

polishing wheel of wool felt

The main characteristics of wool felt are as follows: elastic, can be used as shock-proof, sealing, liner and elastic wire clothing felt material, good adhesion, not easy to loose, can be punched into various shapes of parts, thermal insulation performance is good, can be used as thermal insulation materials, compact organization, small pore, can be used as a good filter material, wear resistance is good, can be used as polishing materials. Density can be produced according to requirements. Some blanket wheels stamped with flat felt appear in the market. Because the density of flat felt can not reach polishing density, the length and thickness of wool can not meet the requirements, the quality and wear resistance of the parabolic surface are easy to be damaged.