Wool Felt Sauna Hat

- Nov 06, 2018-

Wool felt sauna hat, wool felt sauna glove and wool felt sauna mat are the basic equipment in the sauna rooms. Why they are so popular with so many people? As we all know, the temperature in the sauna rooms can be up to 103 °C. Head is the most sensitive to temperature, when you stay in the room for a long time, your head, hair and your whole body may be overheating and you will feel uncomfortable, and what's worse, you cannot relax you freely and make a fun with your friends. Wool felt sauna hat and other felt sauna products can solve these problems.

Wool felt sauna hat is manufactured from 100% natural wool felt, which is heat insulation and moisture absorption. It can prevent heating moisture from entering the hat and protect head and hair from overheating during sauna sessions. Wearing it will keep you comfortable even you stay for a long time. Additionally, the unique design of sauna hat will certainly add fun and excitement to bathing in the sauna with your friends.

Seven different colors of wool felt sauna hats.