Wool felt technical description

- Dec 04, 2017-

Technical Description of Wool Felt I. Characteristics of Wool Felt: The felt is made of natural wool, which is made of non-longitude and latitude by wool processing. The main features are as follows: Elastic, can be used as shockproof, sealed, padded and elastic wire cloth base felt material. Good adhesion, not loose, can be made into various shapes punching parts. Insulation performance is better, can be used as thermal insulation materials. Tightly organized, small pores, can be used as a good filter material. Wear resistance is better, can be used as polishing material. Second, the use of wool felt: Industrial felt is widely used in metallurgy, mining power generation, machinery manufacturing, light industry and heavy industry. Felt widely used in padding, thermal insulation, thermal insulation and other industries. Third, pay attention: 1, the density of the felt unit (g / cubic centimeter). If the density is too high, it loses its elasticity. If the density is too small, it will lose its abrasion resistance. Thickness, the thickness of the wool also have different effects on their performance, the use of units according to the use of appropriate selection or inform the use, so as not to affect the use. 2, the current variety of felt points: special products blankets, ordinary blankets. The difference is divided by the thickness of the hair, the size of the density and the color difference; technical requirements are based on whether there is strength, elongation, the role of capillary division, the use of units can be selected according to need. Inspection, you can test this standard. In accordance with state regulations I plant products can be divided into the following series for users to choose: T112; 112 122; 132 142. Fourth, the blanket code Description: 1, felt the technical standard number composed of five figures. The first digit indicates the product color; the second digit indicates the raw material category; the third digit indicates the specification of the product; and the fourth and fifth digits indicate the product density. "T" stands for special product. Such as: T112-41, refers to the special white fine felt, density: 0.41 grams / cubic centimeter; 122-32, refers to the white semi-rough felt, density: 0.32 g / cubic centimeter; T112-32 ~ 44, Refers to the special fine white felt, the density of 0.32 grams / cubic centimeter ~ 0.44 grams / cubic centimeter; T112-41--8mm × 1000mm × 1000mm, refers to the white fine wool wool blocks, a density of 0.41 grams / cubic centimeter, the thickness 8 mm long and 1000 mm wide each. 2, when ordering only need to put number, thickness and area can be. Felt wheel and felt parts can be ordered according to the standard number, while providing drawings of parts. Special types of felt products on the technical conditions of the index have special requirements, orders can be negotiated between the parties decided