Wool Felt Use

- Feb 09, 2018-

Wool Felt Use

Various colored felt:

Product Description: Mainly used for various mechanical equipment, mechanical and electrical products, textiles, chemicals, electrical and electronic tools, electric tools electrode difference signs, gifts, handicrafts, and the opening ceremony of important activities such as ground decoration.

Needle punched felt cold felt

Product Description: Mainly used for pipe insulation, locomotive and vehicle cold, curtains, yurt, greenhouse cold and so on.

Felt strips

Product Description: It is mainly used for sealing of various mechanical and electrical machinery, machine tool equipment, electronic appliances, electric tools, vehicle manufacturing, railway subway equipment, educational facilities, construction tools, aviation ships and other components.

Adhesive felt strips

Product introduction: It is mainly used for sealing and shock proofing of locomotive and vehicle manufacturing, instrumentation, electronic appliances, power tools, computer consumables, printing equipment, piano instruments, numerical control equipment and building decoration.

Felt tape

Product introduction: It is mainly used for anti-vibration, braking, polishing and sanding of cold rolling mill, hot rolling mill, paper making equipment, fitness equipment and metal processing equipment.

Dipped blankets

Products: Mainly used in machinery and equipment, household appliances, power tools, audio-visual equipment, computer supplies, instruments, optical instruments, printing equipment, CNC equipment, packaging materials, fitness equipment.

Oil-absorbent felt

Products: Mainly used for marine equipment, ship maintenance, electric tools, exhaust gas, wastewater treatment, noise reduction equipment, public sanitation facilities, compression separation equipment, oil mining, machinery and equipment.

Flame retardant felt

Product Description: Mainly used for automotive interior parts, air conditioner silencers insulation accessories, household appliances and so on.

Insoles felt

Product Description: Mainly used for all kinds of cotton shoes, labor insurance shoes, and health care shoes.

Felt in the shoes

Product Description: Mainly used in a variety of high-end shoes shoes.

Mattress felt:

Product Description: Mainly used Simmons bed, military mattresses, mattresses and students, and home moisture-proof bedding, field operations, such as cold.

Felt pieces:

Products: Felt can be washed into a variety of shapes, a variety of thickness felt pieces, mainly for: sealing, shock absorption, heat insulation, noise, moisture, polishing, adsorption and so on.

Its advantages:

① flexible, moderate softness, the surface is flat, so it can well protect the surface of the plate.

② high density, good wear resistance, is a common carpet several times.

③ fiber acupuncture made, not easy to lose hair, improve pickling pool cleanliness.