Wool machine installation sequence

- Apr 13, 2018-

Wool machine installation sequence

1. Installation of protective cover: There are several small holes on the protective cover that should be aligned with the small threaded holes of the rack. The wool felt is screwed into the small threaded hole and fastened.

2. The installation of the sharpening disc: first put the key into the shaft groove of the drive shaft of the sharpening disc, then align the center of the sharpening disc hole with the center of the drive shaft, and align the key slot hole of the sharpening disc with the drive shaft Push the button with force. When the position is proper, tighten the sharpening disc with the nut at the shaft end.

3. Installation of abrasive tank: Use two screws to fix the grinding tank to the rack under the hood.

4. Installation of the hanger hook: Fasten the hanger hook bolt to the upper end of the protective cover.

6. The installation of sharpener: Hang the hanger on the hanger hook first, then hang the sharpener clip on the bottom of the suspender.