Wool scissors use rules

- Apr 10, 2018-

Wool scissors use rules

(1) When shearing, the wool shear should not have the following conditions: the tip of the comb blade of the fixed blade is too sharp (that is, the teeth end has no arc shape); the movable blade and the stationary blade become blunt, and the wool felt machine is not adjusted correctly.

(2) When adjusting the wool cutting head, the blade pressure on the stationary blade should be as small as possible (according to the ability to cut the wool smoothly). In this way, the machine works stably, the wear of the moving blade and the stationary blade is small, and the blade is not easy to become blunt.

(3) When shearing the hair, the entire width of the comb teeth of the fixed blade is used to cut and cut one after another to prevent shearing loss. Usually, the left tooth of the fixed blade should be often seen by the shearing tool.

(4) The shearing should be promoted in the direction of sheep's skin wrinkles, otherwise the sheep's skin will enter the teeth between the combs and be cut.

(5) When cutting wool, no matter which part of the sheep body is cut by the wool shears, the skin at that site should be tightened, so that the speed of the shearing of the wool shears is fast, and there is less possibility of shearing the skin.

(6) Wool shears should be as close as possible to the skin, so that the resistance is small, the bristles are low and flat, and the amount of shearing is large. When cutting the head of this wool, the teeth of the stationary blade should be gently pressed against the sheep's skin.

(7) The tight grip of the wool shear should be held along the sheep to keep all the teeth of the comb's teeth close to the skin of the sheep; the shearing stroke should be as long as possible, so that the shearing speed is fast and the weight can be reduced. Cut.

(8) It must be noted that at the end of the shearing stroke, the upper part of the wool shearing head is used to push open the quilt, and the cutter is not allowed to push open the quilt, because this will cut the hair, reduce the wool grade, and it is not allowed to cut the two blades .

[9] When the wool shearing head fails (if the operation is not balanced, the body or the flexible shaft is overheated, the switch is not working properly, etc.), the switch should be closed immediately.

(10) Strictly abide by the rules for the use, adjustment and maintenance of wool shears.