Woven fabric factory process 1

- May 04, 2018-

Woven fabric factory process

Warping: The one-step process of converting the original yarn (bobbin yarn) through the creel to the warp (Bam), dividing the warping of the original yarn, the yarn of the dyed yarn, and the warping of the yarn.

Sizing: After the pulping of the finished beam or dyed Beam (spindle yarn) is hung on the creel of the sizing machine, the slurry in the pulping tank → the cylinder for drying → the yarn dividing frame is layered → Integrated into weaving Beam.

The main role: the cilia of the original yarn is compressed by the slurry so that the cilia is not affixed to the cotton ball due to friction on the loom.

To wear: The raw yarn passes through three kinds of accessories such as drop wires, healds and reeds to facilitate the weaving of the drop wires: One of the sensing devices that prevents the breakage of the warp yarns can be completed by the stop lever.

Heald: One of the devices that alters the weaving of the woven fabrics, with the peach stencils of the looms, can be finished to complete the texture change

Steel file: The weaving action can be completed with the input of the weft and the change of the lifting

On the machine: The yarn that is put through the full shaft is carried on the locomotive and hanged on the loom.

Self-joining: Beam after sizing does not have to be completed directly through the tying machine. The result is the same as the machine.

Weaving: The weaving operation is carried out by putting the yarn on the weaving machine into the input of the weft and the operation of the weaving machine on the weaving machine.