10 Unexpected Uses For Felt

- Dec 21, 2018-

Do you like innovation and searching for new ideas? Felt itself is a little bit off the beaten path. Inspire by our ten tips using decoration felt in unconventional ways.

 1-mm-thick-wool-felt-customized-product (2)

1. Woolen Pictures

A portrait is a nice gift for birthday. Self-portraits made by camera or painting is a traditional way. What about the family portrait made by felt?

2. Be Unique and Beauty

Nowadays, handmade products are very popular. They give a woman stamp of originality. However, for everyone uniqueness means something different. Every woman can use kind of felt necklace or earrings especially for her. These women accessories can be made of colourful flowers according to taste and preferences.

3. Feel like in the Ancient Times

If you are interested in old design, you would like ancient sculptures. Siba Sahabi – a poetic designer with German and Iranian roots – takes inspiration from Mesopotamia to create felt vessels. Those objects could glamourize your interior.

4. Trendy Furniture

Let´s stay in embellishing home by felted design. For example, designer Nicole Chazard Telaar makes felted chairs and armchairs in interesting colour variations with pictures of people.

5. Store´s Pencil Case for Students

As the good idea for designers is a felt store´s pencil case that is eco-friendly and practical. You have your pens together and of course, it is of attractive design.

6. Felt Light Decoration

Except craft felt you need a light chain, olive soap, bubblewrap foil and plastic to make a resist. Try to find some inspirative videos on the Internet. The result will be certainly worth it.

7. Masterpiece of the Room

Have you heard about felt wall panels? Yes, also the wall in your room can be felted. It makes your place a real masterpiece.

8. Attractive Reading

Felt books emphasize its main function by attractive design. They can be decorated with beads.

9. Natural Protection of Mobiles

It´s useful to have cover on your mobile phone to protect it from stratches. Replace the old cover by eco design by your fantasy.

10. Many Ideas - Many Decorations

Idea has no limits. If you have craft felt, don´t place your ideas barrier. The felt decoration is natural, unique and handmade. That combination of properties makes it the best.