100% Organic Wool Ball

- Aug 14, 2020-

H064389b978d149abbc60cdd77d4456170Handmade Felt by 100% Organic Wool,Unbleached,Non-Toxic,Non-Fillers, Non-Chemicals, Non-Synthetics,All Nautral

 Replace Toxic Fabric Softeners,Plastic Dryer Balls,Chemical-Filled Dryer Sheets.Reducing Static and Wrinkles

 Absorbs Moisture into Hollow Core Fiber, Saving 15%-30% Drying Time,Great for Sensitive Skin,Towels,Comforters,Clothing,Baby Laundry,Delicates and Cloth Diapers

 Last up to 1,000 loads or about 3 years,They Save Time, Energy & Money!

 Humanely Sheared Sheep,We Will Not Hurt any Sheep,They are Happy When shearing at the Hot Weather