- Oct 31, 2018-

Note: You can use wool felt for applique, but you will have to pre-wash it before using. Here's some info: Wool felt will shrink when washed in warm or hot water. Often a pattern suggests felting the wool before using. This is done by washing in hot water, rinsing in cold, then drying. You can do this all by hand (easier for smaller pieces) or in the washing machine (for large pieces). Please note, if using the washing machine, use a gentle cycle as the wool felt will shrink quite a bit and become rather "lumpy". The lumps can be smoothed by ironing. Be sure to allow extra material because of the shrinkage. If doing the process by hand, you can control the texture more easily, removing your pieces from the hot water as soon as you reach the desired effect. If you use the dryer to dry, tumble in air only as the hotter settings will shrink the piece quite a bit. You can set the piece out on a towel to dry, turning over every so often to help the process. If the item you're using it for will be washed in the future (like a sweatshirt), try to wash it either by hand or in the gentle cycle, using cool water. It would probably be safest to let it air dry, as the wool might shrink more, even though it was previously washed (I'm sorry, I have made wool felt pieces for the store, and felted the fabrics before using them, but haven't tried washing any of it after the fact. It would probably be safest to use the gentlest methods you can.)