A Brief Description Of The Amazing Colored Wool Felt

- Dec 05, 2017-

Wool is also able to absorb moisture can also be isolated from the moisture, it is because the structure of the fiber is like flake overlapping like tile-like sake. If the water drops on the wool felt products, water droplets will float on the surface of the felt is not easy to infiltrate, gently bounce or wipe with a dry cloth. Wool easily retains moisture, so it is not easy to delay the characteristics of fire, called security fibers. When the cigarette butts fall on the wool carpet you will find the carpet will only be scorched into a small hole, will not continue burning spread. Therefore, wool is widely used in industry, construction and many other aspects.

Wool fiber with a high degree of hygroscopicity, so you can fully absorb the dye, make it naturally gorgeous color, and not easy to fade. People's understanding of wool only stay in this aspect of warmth, in fact, wool fiber can also be isolated from hot air, people feel cool. Because the wool fiber can adapt to the outside temperature and humidity, and absorb or diverge out. Wool insulation products benefit people with allergies more than glass fiber insulation products. Because wool insulation products will not be like fiberglass insulation products will release tiny pieces of fiber into the air, which can effectively prevent allergies caused by inhalation of these fiber fragments and allergic reactions.