A Simple Lasso Slipper With A Woolen Felt And Shoelaces

- Jul 25, 2018-

The double - eyed Lasso slippers came from the bitter experience of designer Gaspard Tin e -Ber e s: he was cold in London when he was studying, but he couldn't afford to pay for it. Walking on the cold floor for a long time, his feet will be frostbitten. Gaspard especially wants to cut a carpet down and use his shoelace shoelaces to walk on his feet. So the first pair of Lasso shoes came into being.

经过 164 次的改良,最终成为了我们现在看到的样子:一块剪裁得当的羊毛毡,底部黏上皮革做鞋底,一根鞋带就可以把它穿起来,形成一双简单、又能带来温度的室内拖鞋。

After 164 improvements, it eventually became what we saw now: a tailored wool felt, a bottom sticky leather to make a sole, and a shoelace to wear it up to form an indoor slipper that was simple and able to bring temperature.