Application Of Felt In Household Appliances Industry

- Jun 06, 2019-

Felt products with good insulation should not only guarantee the most professional construction process, but also effectively enhance the good usability of this product. For the seismic products existing in different application fields, not only the most correct installation, but also special attention should be paid to the later maintenance matters. Similarly, for the household appliances industry, the same is true today. Here we will learn about the precautions for the application of seismic products in this field.

In many household appliances industry, there are many links that can not be separated from wool felt. For example, the computer that each of our households may set up, because of the long-term exposure of the cameras on the surface, it also needs certain shock and heat-proof performance to effectively ensure the safety and operability of the product, the same is true for other household appliances products, so today in the same way. Here we will have a detailed understanding.

High quality soft brush is often used to remove surface dust in order to maintain the bright color and appearance of wool felt fabrics. The wool fabrics can rest from time to time to allow the wool fibers to breathe and recover their natural properties. Wool fibers are naturally resistant to contamination, but if contaminated by contamination, please use a semi-dry towel for treatment, so as to avoid leaving traces. Do not use warm, hot or bleaching water to clean wool stains. If you need to rub, please do it gently, so as not to damage the quality of the fibers. If the surface is made of wool balls due to friction, it can be trimmed directly with small scissors.

In view of the above maintenance methods, it is necessary for us to pay attention to the fact that the felt products in electrical products can not be cleaned without knowing the disassembly and assembly methods, because it is likely to seriously affect the applicability of all electrical products.

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