Brief Introduction Of Felt Ironing

- Nov 19, 2018-

Blanching of felt manufacturer is an indispensable process of felt, so how should we operate it when using flattening machine? There are several steps and major issues.

First of all, the preparation work before driving: open the intake valves of the upper and lower steam tanks, so that the upper and lower steam tanks are heated. After the steam is lifted, the steam pressure should be checked and the steam pressure should be 2-4 kg / square centimeter. Sprinkle a small amount of moisture on the felt surface. In the production of thick felt (thickness more than 5 mm), thickness pads should be placed in the four corners between the upper and lower working faces of the steam box to ensure that the thickness after scaling meets the required requirements.

Driving hot felt: pull the pressure top rod, start the lifting mechanism, make the lifting screw lift the upper steam box iron, quickly push the prepared felt into the machine with a wooden stick, and then put down the upper steam box iron, and pressurize. When the felt is hot to the vapor, or after a certain period of time, loosen the pressure jack, lift the steam box, and take out the hot felt.