Brief Introduction To The Development Trend Of Wool Felt Gear Manufacturers

- Dec 04, 2017-

Pure wool felt gear transmission is characterized by: smooth gear transmission, precise transmission, reliable work, high efficiency, long life, the use of power, speed and size range.

The so-called left-handed concept does not refer to the direction of gear rotation, refers to the direction of helical angle rotation, which is the common sense of mechanical design, if the driving gear is left-handed, driven gear must be left-handed, and the angle is exactly the same, , Or simply can not match, oblique axial thrust. Parallel axis cylindrical helical gear transmission, the two gears must be the same size spiral angle, spin opposite, that is, a left-handed and the other right-handed. Place the center line of the gear vertically up to the end near you. The left tooth height is the left-hand tooth gear, and the right tooth height is the right-hand gear. The direction of rotation of the driving wheel and the rotation angle of the gear determine the direction of the axial force.

Pure wool felt gear work characteristics:

    Different types of gears have different operating characteristics. For example, when the spur gear is driven, the contact line of the tooth surface is a straight line parallel to the axis. The meshing of the gear teeth of the spur gear is made at the same time along the entire tooth width or separately. Therefore, And noise. In order to overcome this shortcoming, the helical tooth, helical tooth, crank tooth, conical tooth, hyperbola tooth and other transmission are produced to achieve the smooth transmission, reduce the impact and noise. At the same time these gears in the meshing zone, the total length of the contact line to be longer than the spur gear, and at the same time, several teeth at the same time, the meshing part more than the straight tooth, so that the tooth surface pressure to reduce and improve The carrying capacity of gear drive, increased service life

Advantages: 1: high transmission efficiency; 2: large transmission ratio; 3: large transmission torque; 4: long life. 5; low noise

Disadvantages: 1: heavy weight; 2: transmission distance smaller; 3: need to be lubricated often.

  Pure wool felt gear function and type: gear transmission is an important part of mechanical equipment, with power transmission, variable speed commutation function.

  Pure wool felt gear type: According to the mutual position of gear transmission axis can be divided into three categories - parallel axis drive, intersecting axis drive and staggered axis drive. Parallel axis drive gear spur gear, helical gear, herringbone gear. Intersecting axis transmission gear spur bevel gear, helical bevel gear, helical bevel gear. Interleaved axis transmission gear hyperbola gear, worm gear, helical gear.

1) high efficiency In the common mechanical transmission, the highest gear transmission efficiency, closed-type transmission efficiency of 96% to 99%, which has great economic significance of high-power transmission.

2) compact structure than the belt, chain drive space required for small size.

3) * can work, long-life design and manufacture correct and reasonable use of well-maintained gear, the work can be very *, can live up to a decade or two, which is the other mechanical transmission can not be compared. This is especially important for vehicles and machines working in mines.

4) stable transmission ratio Transmission ratio is often the stability of the transmission performance of the basic requirements. Gear drive is widely used, precisely because of this feature