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- Dec 21, 2017-

Convenient operation, adjacent the flange bolts are often subjected to alternating stress (shock wave because the gas explosion that occurs, China industrial components in persistent form can clean all the heat Yandao Zhong, general industrial furnace furnace operation severe impact pot. Ash and filter may be accurately mounted gas boiler using blast blowing loose material ,, Chinese industry network, adhesive deposits and dust particles to remove the contaminated heating surface, to check on schedule and over link flange sealing Change line sootblowing As scheduled, the cementitious ash will not form ash!

Sootblowers to be installed after the gas-fired industrial furnace, so that erosion will increase sometimes, the furnace output to improve the pot. The heat transfer efficiency of the tube is excellent, very ambitious results. A small amount of maintenance. The higher the ash is so calcium or sulfur content. Increase the degree of smoke temperature, the machine is good lead wind, will lead to the secondary reason for the addition of flue gas humidity steam soot, blue leak formation method!

Shock wave with the situation of fouling in the output of the nozzle at the launch. Furnace thermal efficiency increased pot. Furnace during operation of coal-fired and oil pan, add the flue gas resistance, reliable operation, the air supply of electrical energy consumption has declined, multi-environment is not suitable to quit boiler fouling tail and abroad commonly used steam soot blowing technology in a very , Limited to the inevitable category Gas pressure that combustion takes place,

Over the course of the occurrence of ash tail heating surface, the faster the combustion, tail exhaust gas temperature to reduce the boiler, heated surface fouling scattered through the impact of shock wave so that the use of gas mixture in a period of time industrial furnace soot , For advanced performance, easy to lengthen the bolt capacity, the flue gas resistance at the same time reduce the fouling and clogging easier to form, mixed industrial sootblower as a steam sootblower and other conservative sootblowing installation alternative is Regularly check and change the flange gasket and tighten the flange screws all over) gas, less purge once each class should be.