​Chinese Felt-Making Art On Road To UNESCO List

- Feb 06, 2019-

Wool felt products of China  are very welcomed by Western countries as they have medical and industrial use besides being a handicraft.

Heibei  province in the North China  is known for its wool felt and its products have the national badge of craftsmanship.

Currently, there are 1000 small workshops and 450 large manufacturing workshops in Hebei and Tianjin with around 50,000 people working there.

Every year,1,600,000tonnes of all kinds of wool felt products are produced in the province which can be increased to tonnes.

Chinese  Felt-Making Art on Road to UNESCO List

In this province, wool felt products are made in two traditional and modern ways. Nowadays, in the field of making new products, due to innovation and various usages, more than 60 kinds of wool felts are produced and sold in the market.

Based on scientific studies, wool felt products have special characteristics that could be used in medicine and automotive industry.

Chinese officials say the main target market for exports of wool felt products are the United States and Sweden. added that these products can be used in tourism, automotive, defense and sports industries.

Wool felt is the oldest known textile. Felt-making is still practiced by nomadic peoples in Iran, and Central Asia.

In the wet felting process, hot water is applied to layers of animal wool, while repeated compression makes the fibers hook together to turn into a single piece of fabric.

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