Color Wool Felt Fashion Products

- Oct 27, 2019-

The color wool felt can be made into various fashion products by various processing methods.

Laser engraving: at present, the wool pad and coaster in the market mainly use laser engraving method to handle the design of coaster. The laser cutting technology has been very mature. The laser engraving method can easily complete the designer's inspiration in a few minutes or even seconds. It is mainly used for making complex patterns.

Industrial cutting: the advantage of industrial cutting is to directly cut out the shape to be cut out, not practical high temperature, making the edge of the incision more smooth and mellow.

Embroidery: the wool pad and coaster which are cut and shaped can be further processed to produce various patterns.

At present, wool felt coasters have been more and more used in supermarkets, restaurants, hotels and other industries, and people have gradually accepted this more environmentally friendly and closer material.