Color Wool Felt Is Already A Good Companion For People's Life

- Nov 30, 2017-

Choice of wool felt, is an attitude, a respected approach to environmental protection. The development of society must be simple and environmentally friendly. Wool felt rich color, making simple, because the production process does not involve chemical pollution and 100% recyclability. Wool felt This material is very popular in many countries!

Color felt

Wool felt, as early as 6,500 years ago in the nomadic period is already a good companion for people's lives, not only waterproof, heat insulation, strong, lightweight, because of its unique elements and structure, making it feel simple and exquisite, neat outline. For post-modern due to excessive evolution of the material and even hope back to the people, the felt has a natural charm! Felt products either as a gift to relatives or friends as a meeting gift, business gifts, are the best choice, highlighting its calm and elegant, simple but luxurious luxury life! Study its characteristics, can be divided into the following points:

1. From nature, environmental health, renewable materials, 100% recyclable;

2. Tough flexible, organized and strong, good wear resistance, heat insulation, better protection of your property;

3. The finished product is gorgeous with beautiful color, refined and elegant, with no ironing, no fading, no distortion and no mildew;

4. Feel comfortable, strong sense of three-dimensional, laser hollowing makes the style is more unique, even one can be formed.

Colored wool felt is to wool, chemical fiber dyed the desired color, and then after the opening, carding, auxiliary network, Moulin, on the roller, (the auxiliary network into the flake heating to wool itself scales open, after Heat the roller down to the upper and lower pieces of wool before and after the combination of cross-cutting into a non-weft blankets, according to the required density requirements, to achieve the intensity of the cross, and then after drying, ironing into felt).

  Yang first acupuncture felt factory specializing in the production of industrial felt, civilian felt, needle felt, chemical fiber felt, felt products eight series of thousands of varieties. Among them, (1) industrial felt: 112 type, 122 type, 132 type, 332 type, color felt, handicraft felt, ornament felt, polishing special felt, military specialty felt, oil absorption felt, insulation felt, fine white felt, White blankets, semi-rough white felt, enameled wire special blankets, shaped blankets and so on. (B) civilian felt: Needled felts, bed felts, shoes insoles, sheep blankets, greenhouses, insulation blankets, cold blankets and so on. (C) chemical fiber felt: polyester felt, non-woven fabrics. (D) more than 100 grams of wool and chemical fiber blended felt. (V) felt products: felt pad, wool wheel, felt drumsticks, wool grinding heads, rings, strips, tubes, ropes, blocks, belts, shaped felt products. (F) Entertainment Felt: Calligraphy and painting felt, piano felt, eraser special mat, mahjong felt and so on.