Coloured Chemical Fiber Wool Felt Bag

- Jan 16, 2019-

Coloured wool felt is the use of pigments to treat wool and fiber raw materials into different colors.

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There are many finished products of color wool felt, which are used in industry. Nowadays, there are a lot of household goods, handicraft products in the market. Among them, felt bag has come into the ranks of fashion and environmental protection.

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The package made of felt material is felt package. Most of the main materials in the package are felts, which are decorated with metal and leather. Felts have the characteristics of waterproofing, warmth preservation and loose cushioning. It is not only fashionable but also practical to make all kinds of bags. The greatest characteristic of felt is its recyclability, which is very environmentally friendly. Wool fibers have unique reducibility and elasticity, which makes wool products with proper maintenance on a regular basis more durable than other natural fibers and man-made fibers. Please take care of wool felt fabrics according to the maintenance instructions on the commodity hanging tag, so as to ensure that the shape and touch remain fresh for a long time. High quality soft brushes are often used to remove surface dust to maintain the bright color and appearance of wool felt fabrics. The wool fabrics can rest from time to time to allow the wool fibers to breathe and recover their natural properties. Wool fibers are naturally resistant to contamination, but if contaminated by contamination, please use a semi-dry towel for treatment to avoid leaving traces. Do not use warm, hot or bleaching water to clean wool stains. If you need to rub, please do it gently, so as not to damage the quality of the fibers.

Like industrial wool felt packs, color chemical wool felt packs are also very popular. In fact, color wool felt packs are mainly made by mixing wool and fibre materials in color. The earliest felt packs were made of textiles. At that time, they were mainly non-woven. The structure of felt package made of wool is very soft and strong, and the fibers have good elasticity, comfortable touch and excellent reducibility. Because the processed products can be folded back to the original immediately after adding fibers, the structure can be more compact, and no special treatment is needed. Fusion as a whole, very convenient. At present, there are many kinds of felt bags on the market, and the quality is uneven. Therefore, when selecting, we must pay great attention to ensure that we can buy a very good wool felt bag.