Common Sense Of Sheep Wool Polishing Wheel Universal

- Dec 06, 2017-

Wool felt polishing wheel of common sense:

Diameter: 100 to 300MM Thickness: 25MM Hole: 10MM

Material: high-quality selection of high-quality wool

Super felt: Felt can produce a variety of premium felt with a density of 0.15 g / cm3 ~ 0.70 g / cm3, a thickness of 0.6 mm ~ 10 cm, a width of 5 mm ~ 2.5 m and a length of 5 mm ~ 10 m, 70 cm fineness of the entrance of wool carefully crafted.

Superfine felt products are fine white and free of impurities, with an average density of high quality felt for military, machinery, aerospace equipment, aircraft, shipbuilding, precision machinery, high-end electronics, printers, polishing wheels, leather felts and piano hymn Mainly from the insulation, insulation, dustproof, sealed, shock absorption, polishing and so on.

  Industrial felt, mainly used in all kinds of mechanical, electrical, chemical, electronic appliances, electric tools, wire and cable, instrumentation, some military machinery, packaging and transportation machinery, printing equipment, garment sewing equipment, household appliances, textile, It can also be used for the sealing and padding of key parts such as CNC equipment, pharmaceutical equipment, tobacco equipment, construction machinery and metallurgical smelting, magnetic materials, locomotive manufacturing and ship repairing. Felt can also be used for the lining of garments, upscale shoes lining, high-end product packaging, etc. .