Customer Transaction Case Sharing

- Jul 08, 2019-

Mr. John from Germany found our company in Google search "non-woven fabric manufacturer", she contacted sales manager Ms. Lydia, requested to change production - spunbond non-woven fabric, thickness 6mm, used for agricultural planting, uniform thickness, thermal insulation performance Strong. Now I have found several suppliers, but our prices are not competitive. The customer still chose us. The reasons are as follows: First, the use of imported production equipment for processing; Second, there is good after-sales service; Third, has a professional production team; Fourth, it has its own laboratory test product quality assurance; Fifth, through SGS environmental certification.

 John also said that environmental inspections are very strict. Now Hebei and many small factories have closed or failed to produce products, and our manufacturers have passed SGS environmental certification, and passed ISO9001-2015 management system certification. In the management system, the production workshop has very Great changes, environmental sanitation and timely processing, so that the normal production of non-woven fabrics and on-time delivery of 2 days can be guaranteed. After our company passed these certifications, it was decided to send samples to Manager Hu for production based on this sample. Since June is the peak season for non-woven fabrics, and John urgently needs the goods, the manager also pays close attention to the production plan from time to time, and the steps of receiving the goods in the receiving process are clear.

   After receiving the goods, the manager calls back to Liu to receive the goods. The quality is satisfactory to the product. The customer said that the quality is good. The sample is completely agreed. The price is a bit high, but as long as the delivery is fast, the product quality is good and the price is high, it is acceptable. Don't waste time looking for suppliers, quality is everything.