DIY Clock Felt For Living Room

- Jul 13, 2019-


Quantity:1*Wall Clock

1.Made of high quality non-woven cloth, Non-toxic and harmless, with exquisite packaging.
2.The material package contains free cutting fabrics, needlework, beads, glue sticks, cotton deerskin ropes, open iron rings and clock cores.
3.Easy to assemble, bright and vivid color will bring you a lot of joy.
4.For kids, it's easy to make, because the fabric has a good anti-cutting, they will avoid cutting.
5.Helps kids' hands and brains, grasping, senses, hand-eye coordination, vision, and other abilities improvement, and also promotes emotional communication between parents and children.
6.Note: You need to purchase one No. 5 carbon battery.

Package included:1*Wall Clock

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