Downstream Enterprises In The Domestic Market Have Greater Impact.

- Sep 26, 2018-

  As far as cotton is concerned, the impact of the Sino-US trade dispute is mainly concentrated on the increase in tariffs, which weakens our competitiveness in the export of textiles and clothing to the United States and increases the cost of importing cotton from the United States to us. The trade war has intensified again, first of all, the domestic textile and apparel enterprises, China's textile and apparel export share to the United States accounted for about 17% of the total export share, after the imposition of tariffs on the cost of cotton prices rose, downstream spinning costs increased, will further reduce the profits of cotton spinning enterprises, thereby reducing their export competitiveness; On the one hand, the increase in domestic costs will cause resistance to the development of spinning enterprises, domestic cotton consumption demand will also be affected by linkage, forming a negative situation for the domestic cotton market.