Environmental Experts Call For The Use Of Non-woven Products

- Mar 19, 2018-

Environmental experts call for the use of non-woven products

   In our daily life, plastic bags are the source of white pollution. The disposable plastic bags that most people use are made from polyethylene and polyvinyl chloride. Some of them also contain plasticizers and phthalates. Environmental hormones, such as those that react to high temperatures, can cause chemical reactions that can produce harmful substances. Phthalates can have serious effects on human reproductive health and immune function.

   Face to these shocking hazards, I do not know if everyone is suddenly full of sense of crisis?

   We shoud how to do?

   Our team developed a series of non-woven fabrics, felt environmental protection industrial products, craft supplies, household products, etc...

   One of the most worthwhile products is a series of non-woven wallpapers, filter felts, felt bags, felt storage baskets, geotextiles, Christmas felt ornaments and pendants.