Felt Bags, Which Are Mainly Made Of Colored Wool Felt, Are Quietly Popular Recently

- Dec 22, 2017-

Color wool felt carved bag is characterized by waterproof, warm, loose cushioning. Used to create a variety of bags is not only stylish but also practical. Felt is the biggest characteristic of recyclability, itself is very environmentally friendly. The package made of wool felt is a wool felt package. All-inclusive main material is felt, with metal, leather and other decorative shapes, felt package is actually recognized by Europe and the United States low-carbon environmentally friendly products, blankets are no scratches on any product, but also a lot of fine fashion, which is felt The best of the best package features. More and more advertised in the era of individuality, simplicity, retro, cartoon and other styles also from different sides to meet the needs of fashion personality publicity. Recently, a wool felt as the main fabric, with leather, canvas and other embellishment of a felt bag is quietly popular, and more and more people's favorite.

Felt can be a variety of colors, felt hardness and thickness can be controlled, according to the design of the felt bag can choose the softness of the felt. For some development and design staff to use the felt bag made their own paradise. However, some ideas are not the result of what we can achieve now. Felt bags made of natural products, most of the products made of wool, a small number of other products made of animal hair, it is not the use of latitude and longitude weaving and wool characteristics of the wool without changing the physical properties of wool made. According to changes in consumer tastes, more diverse luggage materials, leather, PU, polyester, canvas, cotton and other texture luggage lead the fashion trend. With the continuous improvement of people's living and consumption level, a variety of bags have become indispensable accessories for people around. People demand luggage products not only in practicality has been strengthened, decorative has become the main expansion. So that colorful synthetic wool felt is an indispensable decoration material industry