Felt Cup Pad - Make Cup Dependent

- Mar 03, 2019-

The felt cup mat carved with colored felt raw materials has good thermal insulation, environmental protection and durability, recyclable, fresh color, so that daily work and life can return to nature; a family enjoys a cup of hot delicious drinks, heat insulation and protection of the table mat has become an indispensable daily necessities; simple felt cup mat appears with delicious drinks in a meal. Between a drink.

Thickened felt with soft and hard fit is not only heat insulation and wear resistance, but also hardness can support the cup and pot to ensure stability and non-collapse. Softness can keep the cup and pot in place without knocking and noise. Effective protection of table and tea set, simple and practical.

Curved branches and lush leaves interweave into a network, telling the boundless vitality of thriving. The combination of water and trees, such as the scene of rain and dew moistening the earth. The bursts of cheers full of vitality, turned into a clear spring in the cup, slowly flowing into the heart.

That spring sunshine, and friends together, taste the fragrant spring tea. Put out a lovely cup mat, but actually attracted the amazing friends, that apple-like green, lush leaves, all filled with infinite vitality, add a fresh spring for the color of tea.