Felt Display Trim Photo Wall To Make Life Colorful

- Dec 15, 2017-

Felt is a wool or other animal hair as raw material, the use of wool fibers can be wet, rubbing can be made of the characteristics of Felt made products. Household products and daily life, work, study inseparable from consumer goods, but also both functional and fashion characteristics. Felt warm linoleum and natural fit with the personality charm is advocated by modern people, pure hand-made felt products more exudes the original taste, most likely to resonate with consumers, bringing a simple, comfortable, Pleasant lifestyle.

  Felt is the oldest form of fabric in human history. Found in the permafrost of Siberia has been the highly developed wool felt handicrafts, dating back from about the sixth century AD. The legend of the origins of wool felt many different cultures, such as sages and legends in churches, the myths of the Sumerians, or the best-known Bible stories of most people. The origin of wool felt is also mentioned in Noah's Ark. In recent history, Scandinavians and Russians made thick boots made of wool felt. Apart from valuing its warmth, the function of completely waterproofing is also the main reason why they choose wool felt. Asian nomads such as Mongols and Central Asia's Kazak, Kyrgyz and so on are known for making wool felt and the history of the use of wool felt. Commonly used to make rugs, shoes, clothes, etc. The most common are the wool felt tents they live in are waterproof, soundproof, tough, and foldable to carry around moving houses.

At the Copenhagen climate conference in late 2009, the "low-carbon economy" became the subject of debate among all participants, and the concept of "low-carbon" also mushroomed. For a time, new terms such as "low carbon economy", "low carbon society", "low carbon city" and "low carbon life" were displayed at a high profile in a new attitude and integrated into the life of all people. "The voice is louder and louder. At present, although there is no clear emission reduction requirement for the design industry, the low-carbon design has attracted the attention of many enterprises. As early as before, low-carbon slogans have been ringing in the fashion industry, many fashion designers in the design of more and more attention to environmental protection, low-carbon as a concept to guide the clothing design and production of new directions. Hermes' "gorgeous and flat" lifestyle advocated by the Chinese brand from top to bottom in 2009 has made every product it creates a limited "cultural product," a tradition that inherits Chinese culture and rejuvenates traditional handicrafts, and is newly introduced The entire process does not need stitch, a kilo of cashmere was "sculpture" into a cashmere Felt coat.