Felt DIY Can Be Made By Felt Maufacturer ! It Is A Amazing

- Jun 13, 2018-

We all know that the felts are generally produced in large quantities, and then used in large factories, or in big sheds. Because the winter greenhouse needs to keep warm so the felt is very good, but today we have nothing to do with all of them. Today we come to the felt DIY small animals. It's really beautiful. I don't believe you can see it, teach you steps.


The wool felt seems to have no technical content by hand, as if just poking it, but looking at the super fine wool felt in the following group, you will definitely know the wool felt again DIY. Lovely woolen blanket animals, each of them seems to be full of emotions. 

The first step is to stamp the wool into a slightly hard oval bafelt ball.jpgll, and some hamsters are in shape.

 The second step is to poke out two sockets first and fix your eyes after dressing. The next step is to take a small amount of wool to make nose and cheek, which requires constant poking until the appearance of a prick. 

The third step is to poke the right wool into thin strips to make mouth and nose ears. The color is best similar to that of hamsters.

The fourth step is to shape the body, first of all hamster muscles, which takes some effort. There are also some places to improve, such as adding some black wool to the eyes, and poking more

felt ball233.jpg

The fifth step is to make small short feet and short short hands with ultra light clay. We need to be careful here. We need to use a knife to shape the shape of the hands and feet more. Finally, according to their preferences, a little hamster is sprouting up after a little trimming. In fact, wool felt to make small animals is not difficult to learn, so it is suggested that a leisurely time can be learned, then you can send friends and lovers such a delicate small gift. wool felt ball.jpgThe above content is provided by ARFLY (tianjin)Technology CO.,LTD .If you  want to know more about the felt  please go to our official website