Felt Fabric | Glossary Of Artisan Craftsmanship

- Nov 28, 2017-

Felt fabric: a bit of history

Felt fabric is one of the oldest materials  known to man, the reason for this is that it is easy to make felt into fabric and then transform it into whatever length or size required. Thanks to its many uses it has been utilised by nomadic people for centuries. Yurts are made from felt as it is water and snow resistant on the outside whilst  keeping the inside area warm and cozy. It can be dyed in different colours and depending on what it is being used for, it can be thicker, longer or wider.

Felt fabric: uses

Traditionally felt hats were the main thing made from felt however it has a great variety of uses. A fun fact about felt hats; they are the recommended type of headgear for the sauna and you can buy purposely made sauna felt hats in a selection of  styles. It can be made into handbags, accessories, jewellery, toys, slippers, jackets, decorations and mats. Felt is very useful for kids art and crafts projects and there is a kind of felt paper available as well.