Felt Product Range ARFLY(Tianjin )Technical LTD

- Dec 13, 2018-


Applied In

Area of End Use

Felt Rolls

Industrial and Decorative

Filtration(Oil & Air), Cushioning, Wiper, Sound Dampening,

Insulation, Packing, Sealing, Antivibration, Decorative Articles,

Oil retainer Wicks, Medical and Surgical

Felt Plates


Anti Vibration Pads, Gaskets, Wicks, Polishing/Buffing, Leather

Embossing and Pressing, Heat sealing of PP Articles

Colored Felt


Felt Bags ,Collars Felt, Coasters, hot pads,grow bags ,insole ect.

Non Woven Felts

Industrial and Decorative, Safety Apparels

Conveyors, Decorative and Fashion Articles and Safety Garments such as Overcoats in Military, Felt for Steel Companies to be used in Cold Rolling Mills, Jute PP Felt for Automobiles,

Cotton Felt for Automotives.

Felt Wheels


Buffing and Polishing of Metals, Marbles, Glass, Crystals,

Stones Jeweler and Plastic Products and Articles

Felt Buffing Mounts


Finishing of Dies, Molds and Metal and Non Metal Articles,

Felt Cut Components

Industrial, Toys Automotive Decorative and


Gaskets, Seals, Washers, Packing, Ink Pads, Felt Pens/Markers and Decorative Articles.

Felt Washers


Sealant, Oil absorbent, Space Seal